AXTeams Global

About Us

AXTeams Global is an ERP/CRM consulting firm specialized in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM solutions. The company was incorporated in July 2013, in Lahore – Pakistan. AXTeams Global is committed to set new standards of excellence by providing end-to-end industry specific solutions with readily available global support. We have designed our services and their methodologies with agility, by focusing our client’s needs. We are committed towards the provision of the most cost-effective ERP solutions around the world. Providing a range of services for Microsoft Dynamics systems, we have pledged to add optimum value in our clients’ businesses, enhancing their profitability through implementing smartest solutions. Our company‘s major services for Microsoft Dynamics includes:

  • MS Dynamics ERP/CRM Implementation
  • ERP Selection Advisory & Project Auditing
  • MS Dynamics ERP/CRM Annual Maintenance and Support
  • MS Dynamics ERP/CRM Resource Outsourcing
  • MS Dynamics ERP/CRM Trainings